Sunday, May 22, 2005

hello mama afrika

So, finally, hm? It took me a while to find cyber cafe here. So, as you can see, they have cybers as well as other things I wouldn't expect.
But let me start at the begining. My flight was ok, I met a holland girl, wich lives with her family in Bissao and she told me some very useful things about Guinea Bissao and Bissao itself, tnx Marike. When we landed I got out of the plane I felt like crying, I am here, my god I am here. I went into the building of the airport and there was Marta, a girl I knew from Porugal. She took care of everything, even though I only wrote her e-mail I was comming. She knows a guy that works... o my time is be continued


At 9:08 AM, Blogger tamara said...

luck u!

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Jasna said...


Joj, kolk sm vesela, da si srecno prispela in je vse ok. jst bi te kr obiskat prsla. Komi cakam, da se se kej oglasis, kako je tm, kako si, kaj pocnes...sej ves, da nas to vse zanima...kot nadaljevanka...

ups, zdej sm se spomnla, morm pisat v ja, tokrat samo zate in tiste, ki obvladajo slo....zal...

Uzivi, javi se cimprej...

rada te mam.



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