Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I resigned from the school I worked for. Since only friends of mine read these pages I’ll give you some more details. I wanted to come here first of all because of a wish I had for a long time; voluntary work in Africa. Secondly to learn some more Portuguese and to get some experiences that would widen possible area of my future job. I paid quite a lot of money for the flight ticket and everything that comes with it to come here and help people that don’t have anything. School is profitable, meaning students have to pay for their classes, like normal language school. Teachers are being paid, whereas I am a voluntary worker. In my opinion I at least deserve to be paid for the food Celestine kindly gives me (if not for letting me stay in her house). They said they would pay, but they constantly avoided that topic. After lying to me for two weeks, finally saying they already paid which was not true I decided to quite the job. I found a new job; actually Marike a girl I met on a plane helped me to find it. I will work with microfinance, meaning giving credits to people that can’t even afford to go to a bank and get a loan. It sounds interesting, but as I started today we didn’t do much. It all works in their slow way. Let’s see what the time shows.


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