Thursday, June 09, 2005

We're getting somewhere

I must say I had quite a nice day today. Looking back the reason why is funny. Since we’re going to have elections for the president of the state on the 19th of June here, people are already taking advantages of it. For three days now we’re without water. Why? The responsible ones didn’t get their salary for a long time, so they just use pre-election fights. The house where I live has some extra supplies of water, but after 3 days it ran out, so we went to vodnjak, witch is around 500m away from the house. It was great! Finally I was really helping them. I was carrying around 20l of water on my head, surrounded by 15 young girls with jugs of water on their heads too ;) You should have seen that!

Do you remember what games we played when we were “younger”? Remember the game only two people are playing it with rope on the hand? Well actually one holds the rope, the other one stitches it, than the first one stitches it… I don’t know the name of that game in none of the languages, neither in Slovenian, but the point is they know exactly how to play it, like I do. It’s amazing how people on the other part of the world know exactly the same game. They were asking me why I know this game and I was wondering why they know the game. Do you know?


At 1:53 AM, Blogger Zarni said...

Maybe this could be of help!!!

At 8:14 AM, Blogger irena said...

If you read the text carefully, than you probably noticed I wrote one workd in slovenian, vodnjak. I was too lazy to read the text again, so i forgot about the word i wanted to check out later... vodnjak means well..

Tnx Miha


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