Thursday, November 02, 2006

Australia – Fiji –Australia (part one)

Well it’s good if you don’t have time to sit in front of the computer isn’t it? I got stuck in repeating “tomorrow”

Time to pay off all the luxury I had before has arrived. Here I am in Griffith, Irena Fili, with economic degree doing wine pruning ;) Yeeeee!!!!!

My every day companions are flies. There are hips of them and they come together with 35 degrees temperature. MMMMMM As Tamara said it’s good for your spirit and your body (Fizicno delo krepi telo in duha).

Pic1: Flies

Turning back ….I left Jindabyne and snowy mountains (I made a mistake in one of the previous posts saying I’m in Blue Mountains) on the 16th of September. It was high time to leave, snow was getting more and more slushy and after bad season we had (it was supposed to be the worst season ever recorded in Perisher) it didn’t have sense staying any longer. I was supposed to travel with Jasmina, one of the instructors, but she suddenly changed her mind and went straight back home. Well I didn’t have any particular plans so I just went to Fiji. J I went together with Ana (also one of the instructors).

Fijiiii OOO I always wanted to go there. Do you remember the film Blue lagoon? It was filmed in Fiji and when I saw the movie I thought that one day I really have to go there. And that day has arrived. Wonderful experience, not wonderful weather (10 days of rain), but still awesome!!!

Pic2: Ana and me with frangiapani in our hair

You can find this beautiful flower in every garden. They are like some kind of national symbol. Locals (specially the one working with tourists) always have them in their hair.

Pic3: Frangiapani

We spent most of the time with locals. As we arrived to Fiji they wanted to send us to this or that trip, Fiji experience or Irelands …. just somewhere they could charge us, but instead we sat on a local bus and went somewhere south. Who knew where we are going to end up….

We spend the third night on Fiji with a local family. Really very generous people who would offer you their own bed, share food with you, always with a smile on their faces is something “third world” has in common. After absorbing things during the day we sat down on the floor (Typical Fijian house has a big living room with only mattress on the floor) and talked. Even the old grandmother came out and joined us. One guy took a guitar in his hand and magical night began. This people have something we don’t. Ana once asked them “Are you ever angry or upset?” It looked like they don’t know what that mean and their facial expression said something like “not really”. Good to learn..

Pic4: Our host

Fijian eat food with their hands. Most common part of every meal is Casava (it’s a root).

Pic5: Eating with hands

To be continued…


At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heeeeeejjjj. Prou polepšala si mi tale petek tuki v pisarni. Kje se ti potepaš!!!??? Ej, ful nate mislim in vem, da je zguba cajta na takem potovaju bult v racunalnik, zato ti sam uživi. Komi čakam, da te spet vidm...
Drgač pa tle nc nouga. Mi rastemo...sej boš vidla.

Lupčka in uživi, uživi!!!


At 9:14 PM, Blogger irena said...

OOO Jasna .... kofiii pravi slovenski ...Takoj ko pridem ... A ga sploh lahko pijes al bo ti mali v trebuhu en divji ples uzgal od overdose kofeina? ;)


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