Friday, July 07, 2006

Semi final PT-France

Well, here I am, 5 o'clock in the morning watching semi final Portugal France. It all went smooth from Frankfurt on. In Singapore they were driving me around the airport with mini car since my plane ticket got so complicated it needed extra work (I was flying with Adria first, than Lufthansa than Air Senegal than British Airways and I should only fly with Adria and Austrian airlines). My neighbour from Tolmin who lives in Sydney since 1974, picked me up at the airport and transferred me to the bus station (many thanks to my aunt who arranged that) and after six hours drive I was finally here and only 2 h after my skis were here as well (they got lost during the way but missed me too much ;)

And new page in my life has begun, starting with time difference. Why I am watching football at 5 o’clock in the morning? I just can’t sleep. ;) Time difference is huge, 8 hours and I decided for the easy way dealing with it. First day after coming here I went to bed in the early afternoon than stayed awake till 2 am, got up at 6, worked till 4 pm went to bed at 9 pm, got up at 5 am ;). I don’t know what’s happening but it looks like my night sleep is for my body’s point of view an afternoon sleep. It’s really funny waking up at 5, completely rest especially because I like to sleep long. It’s unbelievable but birds wake up later than me. Well Australian animal world is amazing anyway. On the way to work witch by car lasts 20 min (plus 20 min by ski tube) we meet 5-10 dead wombats. This are around 30 kg weight (they can supposedly get to 200 kg) animals, you normally see for the first time lying by the road dead on their backs with forelegs and hind legs lifted up to the air (imagine in what position your dog would go when would like you to scratch him, well in this position wombats go when they die because they are hit by car). Funny animals. There are of course lots of kangaroos jumping around, colourful birds (witch like to sleep long) and if you’re lucky emus (“Avstralski noj” wich you can supposedly find in Ljubljana zoological gardens). There are for sure more amazing animals around, but I guess I won’t see them in the next 3 months as long as I’ll stay in this ski resort. Time to go to work, I’ll post that in the afternoon and write some more about skiing itself next time.


At 3:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irenca!! sm bla ful vesela, ko sva te z jessy dobile na telefon, in pol se 1x, ko se je ona javila, da je srecno prispela. kako se kej imate, ze na polno delate? je ze zapadlo kaj vec snega, da ne boste smucali na 10 sm? hehe... oglasite se se kaj, medtem pa uzivajte!! pozdravi vse, dasa

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Matjaž said...

No, pa sm le dobil tale blog.. :)
Sm mislu, da je Igor čist pozabu name, pol pa le enkrat kliknem na njega in mi pod zgodovino pogovorov vrže vn tale link. Pa sploh nikoli nisva govorila :) Se tako križava, da nisva skupaj online..
A sam 10 cm ga mate. Dobro nabrusi robnike, da boš lažje kamne rezala, ha ha... A zdej ste v popolni postavi (si pravla, da naj bi bili 3-je)?
Lepo se imej, mi se imamo že :)
PS: A je tud v Avstraliji tak naval ob razprodajah? Skor nism najdu placa za parkirat v lj..
LP Matjaž

At 5:23 AM, Blogger irena said...

Vse ql, vsi tle 7 slovencov na enem kupu, a mi smo kje drugje? Saj je vse isto?! Razen kgurujev zjutri ;) he he, hmal ki vec napisem, se bom hmal potrudla ... dans ne ;)


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