Sunday, June 26, 2005

Do you want to laugh?

The political situation here is now calm. They revealed the official results of the elections, which are the same as the unofficial ones and a political party (well their candidate Kumba Iala, ex-president) that held the protest yesterday didn’t win. Actually the whole situation is very funny. Kumba Iala had to resign from his presidential position because he was no good but around two months ago he just entered presidential palace claiming he is the official president. People have different opinion about the situation. Some claim he is just being a good guy, but they don’t let him, because of political reasons (then he would held the control) other say he’s always just making problems. I can’t judge, but imagine this situation; yesterday while supporters of Kumba Iala political party held protests, few of them were arrested by the police and while a police was taking them to jail people who were not protesting came and beat the guys(not the police). So police was taking poor guys to prison, but at the same time they were beaten by the people observing the situation, like they (the observers) would want to punish them for making problems. ;)

Do you know how those two guys died yesterday? Police was shooting into the air, but the bullets fall back down and killed that guys. Weird.
Ok, enough of politics. As I said I wanted to go to Senegal, but because I agreed to go with one photographer that lives in Signicure and she was taking photos of the protest (that were unexpected), I was obliged to stay another day. We are leaving tomorrow morning, but ha ha, it only came to my mind today I might need visa for Senegal. I went to check it out on net and unfortunately it’s true, I do need it. Shit! ;) We’ll I bought my way back to Peru when I was on a border with Bolivia, so it might work the same way now. If not, I’ll just have to come back to Bissau and make a visa here. Well it’s Sunday anyway and I don’t have any more important thing to so I’ll just go for one day trip to the border of Senegal.


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