Monday, June 13, 2005

Safari trip

On Saturday I went to Buba, small town on a south of Guinea Bissau. I went there as a driver ;) of Monika, Peruvian girl that works here for one Spanish organization. It was great! Driving a cross county car for around 6 hours, on these incredible roads, with palm trees all around, passing “Tabankas” (villages), with both windows opened,… juhu, fantastic! I guess as soon as I get a chance and escape from the capital I start enjoying “Africa”. We slept in Buba and in the morning went to see rice fields, because EU is plans to donate some money on this area. Buba is quite a distant place, so you can imagine Tabancas we went to see were a real cross country drive! To be honest, it wasn’t a real safari trip (but a closer version), because we didn’t see any elephant, zebra, tiger or any other kind of “African animal” because they simply are no; they all escaped to the east Africa.


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