Monday, July 31, 2006


Heeey, long time no see hm? Yes I’m still alive, just felt into rutine. ….waking up at 7 am, breakfast, 20 min drive by car, 15 min drive by ski tube, jump into uniform, 6 hours teaching kids how to ski, back to tube, back to car, shower, dinner, preparing lunch for the following day, doing the laundary or cleaning or going for a beer (wich is not very often!!!!!) and time to go to bed. Up till now I had one day off. OOOO lovely rutine. Hrrrrrr. The thing is weather condition is not really awesome as Australians say. Awesome awesome awesome and “no worries” “no worries” for every second word they use. Apparently this is the worst season in 15 years time and we got it. But, still an optimist. The old guys here (few of the instructors are already grandparents) say we might have a dump in august like in 1993 when they barely had a few centimetres of snow and they got 3 meters in august. People are kind and after a week or two of just private lessons with adults I asked for children for two reasons; first of all you have 6 h per day guaranteed and second they are funny, polite and with lots of energy. Here children have to ski and ski and ski and they learn during the way. Standing in front of the group and giving lectures is as important as it is in Slovenia. I find that awesome because they really get if faster than if you’re talking and talking and they don’t even listen. Of course they don’t they’re too young to listen ;)

Well, don’t know what you want to know…. Tell me ;)


At 3:45 AM, Anonymous Tea said...

I was really worried because you haven't written anything in such a long time! I'm glad to hear everything is OK "down under". Dejan and I just came back from Portugal! It was amazing - really awesome :) And they could actually understand our Portuguese! Incredible :)

Maybe I didn't listen to you very carefully, so it’s all my fault, but could you tell me where are you? So that I can look it up with Google Earth and get a better idea of your location...

I hope you will write more often from now on! Just tell us about what’s going on with you and the people around you. Don't worry if it's not awesome all the time :)


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