Tuesday, November 14, 2006


After Ana left and went back to Slovenia, I went to live with a Slovenian family for a week. I met them in Perisher when I instructed kids, Sam, Madeline and Alex.

Pic 1: Slovenians

It was very funny. I saw their last name and asked where they are from. They said well kind of from Slovenia ;) I was I bit shocked I admit. Slovenia? Among 200 instructors, how can I get the Slovenians? Funny.

I was their instructor for a week, than got real Slovenian sausages and cevapcici (there is Slovenian butcher in Sydney). MMMM. Well they were actually all born in Australia, including their dad, but Slovenian blood counts right?

Pic 2: Football fans? Of course!! And very good a it!!

I was very happy to stay with them for a week, speak Slovenian learn how to cook Chinese Chicken sticks and mljask, eat Australian desert Pavlova. Delicious!!! I’ll make it for you when we meet. I remembered Bosko now, I am sure he would eat a whole plate just by himself ;)

It was great to feel a bit of Sloveno-Australian family way of life. Thank you!!!


At 5:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im Antonio, your brother in law.
Buhhhhhhhh Where are the pictures in bikini?????
I think if you put some of them, your blog can be much more acceptable... o no...
Kisses and enjoy!!
Your blog is incredible and is always nice to have notices of you.
Really take care.
Ahhh!!! The sharks they didnt beat you because probably they were much more scared about you than you about them.
Again, Kisses but without tongue.

At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Boštjan said...

Lepo te je videti, čeprav le na sliki. Prideš še kaj nazaj, bomo še tukaj kaj smučal, al si se že naveličala snega; no ja kot berem si ga imela bolj malo. Pri nas nič kaj dobro ne kaže na dolgo zimo, ko to pišem ravno dežuje.
Se še kaj oglasim!
Čao,pa uživaj!


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