Saturday, December 23, 2006


After Sydney I went to Griffin. I needed the money; the money to go to Japan ;) Yes I know some of you don't know yet. Actually I got an offer to go to Japan in the last days of work in Perisher (Australian ski resort). It was a big dilemma, if I really want to go back to snow in the middle of summer (Australian summer), see less of Australia or should I just experience Australia as much as possible and maybe jump to New Zealand. Finally I thought that in a short future I probably wouldn’t go sightseeing Japan, and it would be really a pity to miss out the chance to see Japanese culture and their diversity in so many aspects. On the other hand I got myself an excuse to come back to Australia one day. Whenever you’re travelling, you always have to leave something for next time and I would really like to come back here and do a proper New Zealand - Australia tour.

Aha, decision made, now I needed to earn money (In Australia) to go and earn money (In Japan). Hrr I hate that!!! Why can't I at least once earn and than just spend money on unnecessary things, like hips of chocolate for example? Mmmm well those were my thoughts gardening in Griffin. Asking myself what am I doing here?!!!!

Yes it was hard work, but I met some really nice people plus had a great time in a youth hostel where I stayed plus payed off all my debts from my youth ;) …. When I was a child my mother had to struggle with me if she wanted me to help her do the chipping in the garden …. now I recon I did enough of it for all my life ;) so in total it wasn't that bad.

I did different kinds of work. All I did was very boring with annoying flies all around and it was very very hot (up to 37 degrees Celsius) …. from sunrise to sunset.

Pic. 1: Sunrise (I was already on the field at that time!!!!!!)

Pic. 2: Sunset

First 14 days I did grape pruning. This means that we either walked around 12 km per day (not much to prune) or we had to bend down to each grape tree and that way did around 2 km of squads, depends what sort of grape it was.

Pic. 3: Pruning (sl. - obrezovanje drevja) in Vineyard – endless rows of grapes

After that I did 3 days of onion seeds picking, one day of walnut tree pruning, 5 days of gherkins chipping, 4 days of salad planting and chipping and ended the adventure with sweet chili pruning and water melons planting.

Pic. 4: My work mates pruning walnut trees – ha ha don't they look like snails ha ha

Pic. 5: 8-10 hours of chipping omamamia

Pic. 6: Salad field – I've never seen so much salad!!!!

Pic. 7: Sweet chilli field

Pic. 8: Planting device - ha ha will explain you how it works when we meet

In this month and a half of farming life I sow 2 freshly dead very poisoned snakes brbrbrbrbr

They said snake will hear you and go away. If you don’t step on her, you’ll be all right. Mhm. Once I was making a phone call from pay phone I got one (smaller – baby snake) crawling on my foot brrrr and I knew that if there is a small one, her mother must be close. You can imagine how fast I hang up the phone and run back to the house.

Pic. 9: Black snake – killed with a gun

Pic. 10: Broun snake – very poisonous one – killed with this hoe (sl. Motika)

Yes Australia does have an amazing animal world. Once I saw a kangaroo in the vineyard (that was funny), possum had his house just on the top of our youth hostel and stick insect found his home in our bathroom. Not to mention cockatoo and hips of parrots everywhere. And this is just what I sow walking around.

Pic. 11: Possum

Pic. 12: Stick insect

Here is a photo taken in Sydney

Pic. 13: Cockatoo

The majority of back packers are German. Only 20 countries can get working-holidays visa for Australia so German political situation is just the perfect incentive for young German to come to Australia. They can earn more money and travel around this wonderful country. When I first arrived to Youth hostel in Griffin, they were so happy to hear I am from Slovenia, at least one they could speak English to. They were great company. We really got along very well together.

Pic. 14: Our youth hostel, real Australian made house

Pic. 15: Once we went out (I was too tired to go more than once) ;)

Pic. 16: Pancakes for everyone

Pic. 17: Boys watching cartoons ;)

Pic. 18: Boys doing the laundary ;)


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