Thursday, March 08, 2007



Back in Oz (Australia). It's really weird changing summer-winter-summer. Right now I can't get it. I'm in my shorts sweating (It’s very very humid) when couple of days ago I was freezing in a worm jacket hehe

I just stayed in a youth hostel for 2 days, because I had a bit of planning and sorting things out to do, but heading a bit north tomorrow.

Yesterday I met Thomas he he that was funny. I'm waiting in a line in a supermarket and a guy in front of me is talking to Japanese girls standing in front of him. He had condoms in his shopping bag. I thought: »O my god, I wouldn't touch him«. Whatever. He turns back and comments something like poor me having to hold my shopping bag… In 3 sentences I found out he was snowboard instructor in Japan for 10 years, that his dad was Croat and that he lives just net to my youth hostel hehe. Funny, too many coincidences …. he took me a bit around the town and on a lemonade in a bar with the most beautiful view on the boats and ocean and rain forest …He really made my day (but I still wouldn’t touch him .. ;) upss)

Everyone is trying to sell me all possible trips you can think off. Crazy. I'll do it my way again, at least I'll try. I just booked a bus for tomorrow and am going somewhere north. I could do the same in an organized tour …. Remember me ..why? Uf…this Australia is as it looks very easy to travel…so it attracts people that like to be guided around (somehow doesn’t sound like me). I feel like when you go around the world for the first time, Australia is the easiest one to start with … There are things you just need to see and do (like Macu pichu in Peru), but on the other hand you just can't wait to be on your own and explore, the country and the people. Hm It might be a bit difficult to find this authentic but will just have to try harder, no? And with the fact I love sun and ocean I should be all right, no? Having a car would be great!! And a couple of friends in it .. Anyone?? Come on, get over here!!!!